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Mental Podcast Team

Mental Podcast is a chance for us to give back for the support we have received over the years and share what we continue to learn in the ongoing journey for optimum mental wellbeing.  


Bobby Temps

Outside of the podcast Bobby is campaigner, producer and agency signed model also working on a debut novel currently titled ‘Pigeon Paradise’. Bobby lives in Dublin and you can reach out directly here

Danielle is the founder of Desylo People - A Personal Coaching Business. Her background is in Business Psychology but kicked it to the curb to focus on what really matters - people!! Danielle is a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor, has two beautiful daughters and is a big time NBA fan!!


Danielle Hogan


Annie Harris

Having experienced long term mental and physical illness from a young age Annie has turned these experiences into art via her one woman show 'Warrior'. In her spare time, she is a practicing Buddhist and active member of the LGBTQ+ community who enjoys working on her Mercedes Sprinter van, 'Rio Taylor'.

Others who are vital to the work include our audio producer Pete Murtagh and Bobby's personal team. Also check out the podcast episodes for a list of the brilliant podcast guests and collaborators we have worked with.

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