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Here are some of the other podcasts we have been privileged to be guests on:

No Really, I'm Fine with Bobby Temps.png

Hope from the Front Line

No Really, I'm Fine

A mental health podcast which sheds a light on peoples' daily struggle with mental health and telling the world you're not alone.

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Aren Deu with Bobby Temps.jpg

Ep88 with Bobby Temps

Find Your Voice Podcast

An empowering movement to help you combat your excuses, take control of your life, write your own story and of course Find Your Voice.

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Champions of Time to Change Podcast with

Ep9 with Bobby Temps

Champions of Time to Change

The Champions of Time to Change campaign against mental health stigma and discrimination sharing their lived experience.

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Giving Voice to Depression with Bobby Te

Ep93 with Bobby Temps

Giving Voice to Depression

Increasing awareness to reduce the stigma and isolation of depression, one story at a time. These stories could truly save lives.

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Bobby Temps Off Radar.jpg

Ep7 with Bobby Temps

Off Radar Podcast

Filmmaker James Smith chinwags with interesting folk about music, films, TV, health and life stuff.

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Mike's Open Journal Podcast with Bobby T

Ep133 with Bobby Temps

Mike's Open Journal Podcast

MOJO Podcast focuses on mental health and the lives affected by mental illnesses.

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Bonus with Bobby Temps

The Richard Nicholls Podcast

The UK's most popular personal development podcast series hosted by Richard Nicholls.

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Ep18 with Bobby Temps

Positive People Podcast

A space to explore how overcoming the difficult days can actually have a positive impact on your wellbeing.

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The Body Confidence Podcast with Bobby T

Ep31 with Bobby Temps

The Body Confidence Podcast

When you're constantly comparing your looks to others it is hard to know what's real or whats not.

Listen via her website

Mental Health Book Club Podcast with Bob

Coming soon...

Mental Health Book Club

Working their way through books tackling a range of mental health issues with special guests.

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Looking for guests?

We're currently taking bookings

We're currently on a podcast tour popping up as guests across the UK and USA. So if you would like to interview Bobby or Danielle email us on

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